Helping Children Through Divorce, by Jeff Weissman

Throughout the process of divorce, children often suffer a great deal, experiencing feelings of guilt, confusion, and grief. Custody battles and ongoing disagreements only add to the unfavorable climate, creating disappointment and further hurt. While no easy solution exists, several steps can be taken to ease the minds of young children throughout the trying ordeal of a divorce. The following tips represent some helpful suggestions.

1.    Be truthful with your child and let them know what they can expect in the coming months. Honesty serves as strong foundation for trust in a time when it is needed the most.

2.    Listen and acknowledge his or her feelings. Allowing your child to speak creates a family dialogue and aids you in assessing where he or she needs clarification or special attention.

3.    Provide positivity and reassurance. While divorce rarely reflects a happy period, let your child know that a divorce may mean less fighting, more one-on one-time, and a positive end result.

4.    Routines are important for children (especially young children) going through a divorce. Keep an organized schedule and integrate enjoyable activities your child can count on.

5.    Avoid speaking poorly of your partner. This often confuses children and results in negative feelings and associations.

About the Author: Jeff Weissman currently operates as a family law attorney with 17 years of experience. Possessing much experience in matters pertaining to divorce proceedings, paternity law, and child custody cases, Jeff Weissman has encountered firsthand the difficulties that accompany divorce and separation. Jeff Weissman acts as a Partner in the firm Gladstone & Weissman, P.A., located in Fort Lauderdale, Florida.


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