Jeff Weissman, Attorney, Presents an Introduction to Child Support

In simple terms, child support means the contributions for the costs associated with raising a child that come from both parents, allocated between the parents based upon their respective incomes. The amount prescribed by the Florida Child Support Guidelines varies based upon several factors, including the parties’ respective incomes and their timesharing schedule with the minor children. The legal requirements for child support seek to ensure that children have their needs met, including adequate nutrition, clothing, health care, and education.

In the early 2000s almost half the marriages in the United States ended in divorce. Because of this fact, and the additional statistic of nearly a quarter of children being born to unmarried parents, child support presents a substantial legal consideration. Sometimes such support comes voluntarily from a parent. However, often the state family court system determines whether or not the child requires additional financial aid and in what amount.

About Jeff Weissman:

An attorney board-certified in marital and family law, Jeff Weissman brings nearly two decades of legal experience to his partnership in the Florida firm, Gladstone & Weissman, P.A. He focuses on issues related to divorce, domestic violence, paternity, pre- and post-nuptial agreements, and child custody and support.


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