A Prenuptial Agreement Saves Time and Money in the Event of a Divorce By Jeff Weissman, Attorney, Gladstone & Weissman

A prenuptial agreement protects couples, their interests, and their assets in the event of a divorce. The provisions of the contract, which would be enacted if either spouse chose to dissolve the marriage, include predetermined rules about the preservation of pre-marital property, qualification for and division of marital property, and the amount and duration of spousal support. In addition, a prenuptial agreement can include provisions regarding estate rights and even penalties for infidelity or actions seen as contributing factors in the divorce regardless of whether the parties will be living in a state which adopts a fault or no-fault based system.

Divorce law delineates the allocations of assets from a marriage. A prenuptial agreement customizes the outcome of a divorce; it may also include provisions for children, including educational funding and ongoing support. In Florida and other states, however, custodial and child support provisions of a prenuptial agreement are never per se binding and will be subject to the province of the court. These contracts often minimize the duration of divorce proceedings because many terms of the separation are already established, saving both parties time and aggravation in what is usually an emotionally charged time.

About Jeff Weissman: With a proven record dating back more than 18 years, Jeff Weissman practices family law in Florida. A Partner in the firm Gladstone & Weissman, P.A., he provides capable legal counsel for such actions as divorces and custody cases. Visit GWPA.com for more information about attorney Jeff Weissman.


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Jeff Weissman Attorney

Board certified in Marital and Family Law, attorney Jeff Weissman has been called to present at numerous conferences and seminars. He also authored the Parental Relocation Law, Section 61.13001, which was enacted in the State of Florida in 2006. Jeff Weissman has presented regularly for the Florida Bar Association, Family Law Section. In late 2010, Weissman spoke on practical and theoretical aspects of evidence within a family law context. Earlier that year, he gave a seminar on practice and procedure, which was attended by over 1,000 attorneys and other legal professionals from across Florida. In 2009, Jeff Weissman led seminars on equitable distribution and development of time-sharing parenting plans. He also moderated a judicial panel on parental relocation issues. These events each attracted hundreds of legal professionals. In addition, Weissman led basic family law seminars in Miami and Tampa, covering issues such as attorney’s fees, methods for determining jurisdiction, and practices and procedures. Jeff Weissman has also accepted speaking engagements in the corporate sector. Jeff Weissman studied at the University of Pennsylvania Law School, graduating in 1994. He has focused on family and marital law since that time, and he has served as a Partner at Gladstone & Weissman, P.A. for more than a decade. Weissman holds two Florida Supreme Court certifications: as a Mediator and a Guardian Ad Litem. He has been recognized with numerous professional awards, including repeat listings in Florida Super Lawyers and The Best Lawyers in America.

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