Four Tips to Protect Children during a Divorce

Jeff Weissman, Attorney pic

Jeff Weissman, Attorney

Ranked among the American Academy of Trial Attorneys’ Premier 100 Trial Attorneys and a recipient of two Lawyer of the Year awards, Jeffrey A. Weissman is an experienced divorce lawyer in Boca Raton, Florida. Jeff Weissman’s legal services focus on areas of law involving spousal support, equitable distribution, and child custody.

Child custody professionals advise those involved in divorce proceedings to take the following precautions to protect children:

1. Consider litigation alternatives. Choosing a collaborative approach over traditional litigation can quicken the divorce process and may decrease contentiousness, which can limit children’s exposure to confrontational divorce proceedings. Additionally, this allows parents to focus more on co-parenting than legal concerns.

2. Distance children from drama. Never allow your children to see you fight with your ex-spouse, and keep them distanced from intimate details regarding disputes between adults. Avoid expressing negativity against the other parent in their presence, and do not pressure them to release details about their “other home.” Focus instead on the children’s well-being and making the transition easier for them.

3. Avoid loyalty conflicts. Avoid making your child feel as if they need to choose sides during a divorce, and allow them to express emotions about the other parent freely. Possibly the most damaging aspect of parental conflict, making a child choose sides can result in behavioral problems, isolation, and feelings of depression.

4. Communication is key. Maintain constant communication with your children to assure them that the divorce is not their fault. Children often blame themselves for divorce and need regular reminders that they hold no responsibility for the separation.


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